One of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world, and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea.

Carlsberg Tower
52 / 77
a tower of refreshing and uniquely characterful international premium Pilsner
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Carlsberg Jug
24 / 32
a refreshing jug of our premium Pilsner for days you just want to have a chill night
Asahi Black Tower
58 / 88
the No. 1 Japanese beer, it has an aroma of roasted malt, nuts and a touch of raisins.
1664 Blanc Jug
28 / 36
a jug of the light fruit wheat beer is the best liquid to start the night with
Asahi Super Dry Bucket
36 / 48
five bottles of clear gold beer with a fizzy & frothy white head that disappears quickly
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Heineken Bucket
36 / 48
five bottles of the international premium beer made with 100% natural ingredients


Bored of beers, or simply can't handle the bloat? We have liquors too!

Macallan 12 Years
158 / 198
an enjoyable and very sippable dram that perfectly fills the gap between the 12 year old Sherry and Fine oak
Martell V.S.O.P
168 / 198
exceptionally rich & refined cognac that allows the Eaux-de-Vie to fully express its natural fruity flavors
Martell Cordon Bleu
338 / 398
deep copper chestnut and high toned aromas of buttery caramel, artisan chocolate covered apricots and apples, anise, and roasted nuts makes the Cordon Bleu a gentle giant of a cognac to contemplate and savour

Soju & Wine

Soju & Wine

Jinro Soju
16 / 20
also known as Korean vodka, this rice liquor has a very smooth taste. Available in 2 flavours: White Grape & Strawberry
Pierre Jean Merlot
78 / 98
medium dry with hint of sweetness and soft to the palate. It is elegant, refined, with a remarkable fruitiness
Lindeman's premier Shiraz–Cabernet blend displays raspberry and subtle spice aromas. A medium-bodied fruit-driven wine showing red berry fruit sweetness with underlying vanillin oak and a smooth finish. Promotional price of $88 throughout the night
a yogurt cocktail made using Yakult and Jinro Soju. The choice of Soju flavor includes Strawberry or White Grape Promotional price of $28 throughout the night